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Hypervolt Essentials
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Hypervolt Battery

Featuring a 24V lithium-ion battery, the Hypervolt Battery powers the Hypervolt up to three hours in use.

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  • Light halo to indicate the battery level.
  • Soft Touch Exterior
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Hypervolt Wall Charger

Charge your Hypervolt wherever you go in under two hours. Including a 4’ cord, the Hypervolt wall charger is the only power option to charge the Hypervolt.

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Hypervolt Charging Base

Display and charge your Hypervolt upright with the Hypervolt charging dock. Featuring a chrome bevel cut finish, the charging dock mirrors the look and feel of our latest innovation. This compact and high-performing accessory is an elegant addition to any space. Wall Charger Included.

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Hypervolt Applicator Set

The Hypervolt features four head attachments designed for specific treatments, including the Bullet, Fork, Round, and Flat attachments.

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  • Bullet – to pinpoint areas, release trigger points
  • Fork – to work around a specific muscle group(s)
  • Ball – greater surface area, best attachment to start with
  • Flat- smaller surface area, great to use on more dense muscle groups
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Hypervolt Case

Slim and sleek, the Hypervolt Case provides lightweight protection to store and carry your Hypervolt. Custom inlay holds the Hypervolt, 4 head attachments and battery charger.

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The Hypervolt Case also features:

  • Soft, Matte Black Silicone Exterior
  • Custom inlay padded interior
  • Silicone grip handle