The RAPTOR is a state-of-the art handheld percussion therapy device. Featuring 6 different speeds, the RAPTOR is the most powerful, yet precise massage tool a sports medicine physician, practitioner, physical therapist, athletic trainer, or masseuse can use to compliment a deep tissue treatment.

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  • Treat and relieve muscle soreness, restore healthy connective tissue, and activate muscles faster
  • Up to 3600 Percussions per minute on the highest setting
  • Saves your hands and time when administering a sports massage treatment
  • Swiss made brushless motor, adaptive sensor technology, and built-in cooling fan will prevent the RAPTOR from ever jamming or overheating
  • Four unique interchangeable applicators included to create a custom massage treatment

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Technical Specification

Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Ergonomic design allows the user to administer a massage treatment without any restrictions
  • 4 easy-interchangeable applicators:
    (1) Pin point applicator to help break up scar tissue and pin point specific areas to treat
    (2) Rounded edge applicators replicates a thumb
    (3) Large- flat applicator is great to target large muscle groups
    (4) Small- flat applicator is designed for smaller muscle groups
  • Lightweight, yet extremely strong Pelican case included

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